Pre-production planning is the most critical phase of the process. During this time we work with you to understand your goals. We’ll discuss your key messages, audience, timeframe and delivery format. Together we determine the best strategy for your video project. If you don’t have a firm idea of what you’re looking for, we can assist you through creative brainstorming by pitching ideas and helping you come up with the best way to get your message across. We generate budgets, schedules, scripts and storyboards to create a “blueprint” that allows for all aspects of the production, both pre and post to be on the same page. Ensuring all members of the creative team are working towards the same vision.


On location or in a studio our production team knows how to capture compelling images and eye-catching content. Whatever the size of your project, we assemble the right production team hiring from our pool of freelance gaffers, grips, engineers and audio technicians. We help you find the right on camera and voice talent with our library of creative professionals in and around the greater Los Angeles area. We use high quality equipment, technical expertise and have years of experience to ensure that we have all of the components we need to get your creative content completed to suite the needs of your vision or message.


Our in-house post production team is one of the best in the business. We can add customized motion graphics and titles, animation, narration, music and sound effects. Our editors and designers guarantee your video looks and sounds amazing. Our writers and producers ensure your story makes an impact and leaves a lasting impression.


National spots may be bigger in scope and production size, but the competition to catch your viewers eye is harder than ever, and budgets are always a top concern. I.D. Entertainment stays within your scope while creating meaningful, top value spots that engage audiences.


Why just tell people about your products when you can actually show them? Today’s consumers are online more than ever, and they tend to trust this medium more than anything else. Now while budgets may be tighter, viewers expectations will always remain high. Some stories have a niche audience or a specific approach better suited to online viewers. I.D. Entertainment has the proven ability to deliver the utmost irresistible content scaled to digital budgets.


All our work starts with the writing . Story and character is the most valuable part of the process. We’re devoted to shaping them to support your brand’s vision, but we also enjoy when we get the chance to bring our own personal stories to life too.